Hydro-Power Water Turbine
Small Scale Hydro Turbine Power System   

We are in the process of developing our directory of small scale hydro turbine specialists which will be launched soon. We are already able to put you in touch with the specialists who will be listed on the site however.


To request  information from a specialist in your area email your details to hydro@renewable-energy-directory.co.uk


If you are a specialist in supplying or installing renewable energy systems please contact us to have your details added to the site when it launches. Call Colin Bainbridge on 01325 247101 to discuss your requirements.

Once the directory is up and running we will be able to put you directly in touch with companies who can advise you on the suitability of micro-hydro, pico hydro and zero head hydroelectricity products from manufacturers including Nautilus Water Turbine and Valley Hydro.


They will also be able to provide you with information  and advice on capital grant schemes including the DTI's Low Carbon Buildings Programme which can help with the cost of switching to green renewable energy sources.



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