Small Scale Wind Turbine Electricity Specialists

Small scale wind turbines are one of the simplest and lowest costs methods of reducing your domestic household's carbon footprint. Select your area from the drop down list below to find details of your local suppliers and installation specialists.


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Domestic Wind Turbine     

The amount of electricity that a wind turbine will produce is dependant on a number of factors, particularly windspeed and direction and the flow of the wind being uninterrupted by trees and buildings etc. 


Typically a domestic wind turbine system can be expected to produce around 2.5 - 6 kilowatts. To be cost effective the current recommendation for locations suitable for the installation of a wind turbine are those with a local annual average windspeed in excess of 6 m/s.


The installers in our directory will also be able to advise you about the need for planning permission before erecting a wind turbine and provide you with information about grant schemes including the DTI's Low Carbon Buildings Programme which can help with the cost of switching to green renewable energy sources.



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