Solar Hot Water Panel Suppliers and Installers

Solar hot water panels are a tried and tested technology for generating hot water from solar thermal energy. Select your area from the dropdown list below to find details of local solar hot water system suppliers and installers throughout the UK.

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Solar Hot Water Panels   

Working alongside a conventional heating system solar panels reduce domestic and commercial hot water running costs for heating rooms, the hot water supply or, with larger systems, even swimming pools.


A domestic hot water installation will consist of the solar panels, typically located on the roof of the building, a heat transfer system, and a hot water cylinder to store the hot water for use later in the day.


Our directory will put you in touch with specialists in your local area who can provide advice on the suitability of various flat plate collector and evacuated tube systems from manufacturers including Aton, Schuco, Edwards Hotwater and Thermomax for heating your domestic or commercial  water or to reduce the running costs of a swimming pool.


They will also be able to provide you with information  and advice on capital grant schemes including those from the DTI which will help with the cost of switching to green renewable energy sources.

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